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What's the best way to lose weight?

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7 Ways Women Are Let Down on Valentine's Day (& how to cope with them!)

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New Health Rules For A Better You!

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8 Fashion Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Health!

1. Fashion faux pas: Stratospheric high heels

17 Moviegoers Who Need To Be Called Out!

1. The Line Cutter- They’re always casually waiting around the lobby, and as soon as the usher lets the line in, they just walk right on in with the crowd.

2. The Seat Savers- This person tries to save an entire row of seats for their friends, 3 minutes before the movie starts.

3. The Parents of Young Kids-  These parents bring a baby or a child to a non-kid-friendly movie, and it’s usually past the child’s bedtime.

4. The Extremely Loud Chewer- Seriously, how are they louder than the action scene?! Are they chewing popcorn or lighting firecrackers?

5. The Comedian- This person might make a funny comment before the movie starts, but then they tell the same joke over and over, until they are shushed by someone.

6. The People With Outside Food- Naturally they always seem to bring the most stinky food possible.

7. The Non-Stop Texters- They pay $15 to not pay attention to the film, and don’t seem to notice the blinding light coming out of their phone.

8. The Inappropriate Laugher- the person who, for some strange reason, laughs at inappropriate moments. Yup, the opening sequence of Up is hilarious.

9. The Laser Pointer- Let’s be honest, this person is usually a middle schooler who thinks this is just so funny and original.

10. The Overreactor- With all the loud crying, screaming, and laughing, you’re left wondering if this person has ever seen a movie before.

11. The Screen Talker- This person is neither funny nor insightful, and somehow also manages to be louder than a jet engine.

12. The Fighters- This couple fights throughout the entire movie, instead of leaving the drama on the screen.

13. The Loud Whisperer- This person thinks they’re having a low-key conversation, but really it’s so loud that even people at the concession stand can hear it.

14. The Lovers- Sometimes couples become the show with their over-the-top PDA and makeout sessions.

15. The Movie Critic- Really, nobody needs to hear this person’s opinion on Dumb and Dumber To.

16. The Clueless Viewer- This person needs the whole movie explained to them.

17. The Bathroom Goer- This person constantly needs to go to the bathroom, and they always sit in the middle seat, in your row.


Signs You Know You're a Mom!

A new survey figured out the top moments when you know you're a MOM.  And somehow, realizing the elastic waist of your jeans is hiked up to your neck didn't make it. Read more...

20 Signs You're a TRUE Foodie!

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New Breeds of 21st Century Men

The 90s were a breakthrough period for the modern man - a time when it finally became acceptable for the male sex to admit they use moisturiser. 

The word metrosexual is almost defunct as there are now several different typologies of super-groomed men. 

A new study (by Braun) has identified the four different new breeds using an expert panel...
They identified them as Mr Mandrogynous, Mr Mainstream Moustache, Metro-Dude and The Remantic. 

The descriptions:  

Mr Mandrogynous: 

Who: A slap in the face to old-school stereotypes of red-blooded heterosexual males, daily gym sessions keep him looking good.

Grooming Ritual: Buffed and supremely preened, he unselfconsciously practices Manscaping, indulges in regular spray tans and aspires to a hairless aesthetic. 

Expert Opinion: 'He's a narcissist...These guys are working out for themselves. They want to look in the mirror at the gym and feel good because they are so buff'. Read more...

23 Secrets Supermarket Employees Won't Tell You!

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10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting Engaged

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