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Signs You Know You're a Mom!

A new survey figured out the top moments when you know you're a MOM.  And somehow, realizing the elastic waist of your jeans is hiked up to your neck didn't make it. Read more...

Most Ridiculous SkyMall Products!

SkyMall is closing up shop. The company known for selling the oddest collection of items on airplanes has gone bankrupt - let's remember some if their more ridiculous products: Read more...

20 Signs You're a TRUE Foodie!

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New Breeds of 21st Century Men

The 90s were a breakthrough period for the modern man - a time when it finally became acceptable for the male sex to admit they use moisturiser. 

The word metrosexual is almost defunct as there are now several different typologies of super-groomed men. 

A new study (by Braun) has identified the four different new breeds using an expert panel...
They identified them as Mr Mandrogynous, Mr Mainstream Moustache, Metro-Dude and The Remantic. 

The descriptions:  

Mr Mandrogynous: 

Who: A slap in the face to old-school stereotypes of red-blooded heterosexual males, daily gym sessions keep him looking good.

Grooming Ritual: Buffed and supremely preened, he unselfconsciously practices Manscaping, indulges in regular spray tans and aspires to a hairless aesthetic. 

Expert Opinion: 'He's a narcissist...These guys are working out for themselves. They want to look in the mirror at the gym and feel good because they are so buff'. Read more...

23 Secrets Supermarket Employees Won't Tell You!

Here are 23 secrets that only supermarket employees know - until now. Read more...

10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting Engaged

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The Worst States For Working Women

Women made up almost half of the workforce last year, but they were reportedly paid only 79 cents for every dollar men made.

The wage gap varies quite a bit between states, but in all of the worst-rated states women were less likely than males to hold management jobs in the private sector and they didn’t have much of a female presence in the government seats either.

These are the worst states for women:

1. Utah

With a gender wage gap of 70 cents per dollar, women in Utah have less than 31% of the management positions- the second lowest rate nationwide. The average Utah earned over $50,000, while most women made about $35,000. Also, of the 75 seats in the state's House of Representatives, just six were filled by women last year.

2. Wyoming

The gender wage gap is 69 cents per dollar, but one reason for this may be the number of jobs that are directly tied to coal mining, which are typically dominated by men.

3. Idaho

The gender wage gap is 76 cents per dollar, and only one-third of such jobs were filled by women. Idaho also lacks family-friendly paid leave and sick time laws.

4. Mississippi

The gender wage gap is 77 cents per dollar, and the state has the highest poverty rate for women, which is 26.6%. The state also has the highest infant mortality rate in the U.S. with 10 deaths per 1,000 births.

An average Mississippi man earned less than $40,000 last year — less than males in any other state — and women in the state earned nearly $10,000 less than them.

Mississippi women also had especially low levels of education.

5. North Dakota

The gender wage gap is 70 cents per dollar, with the women earning less than $35,000 in 2013, nearly $15,000 below a typical man's earnings. Women also held just 28.3% of management positions in 2013, the lowest rate in the country.


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