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  • 12/18/14

    Our question today: According to a new survey, adults do this more than kids do...(33% of adults, versus 24% of teenagers)...what is it?

    Answer: Text and drive!  Read More

Cora's Corner

Cora's Corner

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  • 20 Signs You're a TRUE Foodie!

    Here are 20 signs that you're a true foodie. Read More
  • New Breeds of 21st Century Men

    The 90s were a breakthrough period for the modern man - a time when it finally became acceptable for the male sex to admit they use moisturiser. 

    The word metrosexual is almost defunct as there are now several different typologies of super-groomed men. 

    A new study (by Braun) has identified the four different new breeds using an expert panel...
    They identified them as Mr Mandrogynous, Mr Mainstream Moustache, Metro-Dude and The Remantic. 

    The descriptions:  

    Mr Mandrogynous: 

    Who: A slap in the face to old-school stereotypes of red-blooded heterosexual males, daily gym sessions keep him looking good.

    Grooming Ritual: Buffed and supremely preened, he unselfconsciously practices Manscaping, indulges in regular spray tans and aspires to a hairless aesthetic. 

    Expert Opinion: 'He's a narcissist...These guys are working out for themselves. They want to look in the mirror at the gym and feel good because they are so buff'. Read More
  • 23 Secrets Supermarket Employees Won't Tell You!

    Here are 23 secrets that only supermarket employees know - until now. Read More


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