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Alex's Antics

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  • THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW- Fri 1/30/15:

    January 30th is the 30th day of the year. There are 335 days remaining until the end of the year Read More
  • RANDOM TIDS & BITS Fri 1/30

    "Seeing Eye dog" is trademarked by the first school to train dogs for the blind, The Seeing Eye, Inc.  Only dogs that were trained there can be called Seeing Eye dogs . . . the rest are supposed to be called "dog guides."
    Dr. Pepper promoted itself as a hot drink for the winter in the '60s.  If you heat it up, it turns thicker, almost like apple cider.
    People who run marathons finish the race about a half-inch SHORTER than they started.  It's just the temporary effect of your back muscles tensing up over the course of the race.
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  • THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW- Thurs 1/29/15:

    January 29th is the 29th day of the year. There are 336 days remaining until the end of the year Read More

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Brain Starter Trivia

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  • 1/30/15

    Our question: A new survey asked mothers to name the moment in time when they knew they were a mom.  What was number one on the list?

    Answer: You're always wanting a nap!  Read More

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