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  • THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW- Wed 4/23/14

    ESPN will carry an NFL Wild Card playoff game this season, marking the first time an NFL postseason game will move off broadcast TV. NBC will pick up a Divisional playoff game from either CBS or Fox. Read More

    ( Food and flowers are fine once a year, but reducing stress in the workplace by creating a healthier workspace is a gift that lasts all year. Administrative professionals handle incoming clientele at the door and on the phones. They field calls and get messages and information to you. And they do many other things to support the office staff. Here are a few basic things you can do to create a less stressful work environment for them, and the whole office gang. Read More

    It's not only the products you use on your skin and your health habits, such as smoking -- or not, that can influence how you look, but also where you live. Cities bathed in regular sunshine can be a hazard for residents, who face far higher risks of skin cancer and premature aging. analyzed data on U.S. cities, including dermatologists per capita, skin-cancer rates, climate statistics, healthy-lifestyle indicators, and more, to find out which urban areas are the best for our skin. The top 10 best U.S. cities for your skin: Read More

Ho-Chunk Brainstarter Trivia

Brain Starter Trivia

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  • 4/23/14

    Our question: A new survey found that contrary to popular belief, women are more attracted to a man who has this.  What is it?  

    Answer: A sensible car, rather than an expensive or flashy car!  Read More

Cora's Corner

Cora's Corner

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  • Body Parts You Didn't Even Know You Had!

    Something in the knee
    In November, Belgian researchers described for the first time a ligament in the human knee, called the anterolateral ligament. Read More
  • 5 Things You Should Always Buy Used

    5)  Cars – There isn’t much difference in pleasure between a new car on the lot and the same car a couple years older with a reasonable number of miles.  However, the difference in price makes the used car an obvious choice. Read More
  • 6 Signs Your Marriage Will Last a Lifetime!

    1. Seeing your guy as your person--The one you want to share gossip or funny observations with is essential. Good couples tend to see their partner as their best friend. Having inside jokes and stories is part of what builds that bond. That's why it's key to share funny anecdotes about your day, even if they're as minor as your coworker freaking out because someone stole her food from the communal fridge. Read More


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